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The Deputy Minister of Home Affairs: Papuans Should Not be Poor in Their Own Land

Beritain | Jayapura, Papua – Indonesian House of Representatives has passed a law regarding to the formation of three new provinces in Papua on June 30, 2022. The laws that were passed include the South Papua Province BIll, the Central Papua Province Bill, and the Mountains Province Bill. With the ratification, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs (Wamendagri) John Wempi Wetipo hopes that the three laws can improve the welfare of the Papuan people. He also emphasized that Papuans should not be poor in their own land.

“They should not be poor in their own soil, because the land has tremendous potential,” said Wempi in his statement after Regional Coordination Meeting I GKII Sinode I Papua 2022 at Asana Hotel, Jayapura, Thursday (7/14/2022).

Therefore, Wempi invites the community to jointly build a more prosperous Papua. He hopes, especially to those who are still pessimistic, to work together in building a better system, and supports the local government for the welfare of the Papuan people.

“It’s time to evaluate, to honestly being honest with ourselves, do we want to be better, worse, or just stay in place. This evaluation could be the benchmark for us in getting better for the future,” he said.

Wempi explained, that Ministry of Home Affairs plans to held a road show to the three new provinces to see the preparation in governing the region. The Ministry will held a meeting with the regional government of Papua. Therefore, Wempi asked for the regional government support in succeeding that plan.

“This is part of our socialization that we will do after passing the Bill of the New Autonomous Region, because based on our evaluation Government Regulation Number 106 (Year 2021) and 107 (Year 2021) is not going well, and this caused many Papuans did not know what have been changed from the New Autonomous Region Bill,” he said.

Meanwhile, regarding the Program for Strengthening Governance and Village Development (P3PD) in Papua, Wempi hopes that the government assistance to the village level will support economic growth and encourage the people to be more creative. He believes, through the proper implementation of P3PD, it will boost the welfare of the Papuan people, including the Human Resources in the area.

“It all goes back to the human resources, because the administration of government at the village level will run well if the human resources are good,” he explained.

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